it's time

to move women's birth control over-the-counter.

We are committed to #liberatethepill and move birth control forward.

In many parts of the world, a woman can walk into a store and buy a pack of birth control Pills over-the-counter–but not in the U.S. The Pill has been used safely for over half a century by many millions of women. It’s safer than many over-the-counter medications.

We are a team of internationally renowned reproductive health experts and pharma entrepreneurs. We have a bold plan to revolutionize the way the Pill is sold and make it available over-the-counter. It’s time. We have a unique opportunity to do it now.

Introducing Kate

We own the rights to an approved prescription oral contraceptive product that we believe is an appropriate formulation for first-in-class OTC switch. It has proven ingredients with a long safety history and a low dose of hormones. We plan to name our product Kate in honor of Katharine Dexter McCormick.

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This is the movement, join us.


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